Institute for Developmental Education and Agricultural Services (IDEAS)

Developmental Education
The field of developmental education supports the academic and personal growth of underprepared college students through instruction, counselling, advising, mentoring and tutoring. The clients of developmental education programs are traditional and non-traditional students who have been assessed as needing to develop their leadership skills in order to successfully impact their communities.
The institute is designed to impart leadership capabilities which inspires and motivates youths to acquire knowledge, develop competences and skills to take meaningful actions in their communities.
The Institute further seeks to help more students earn secondary and postsecondary credentials, including occupational/vocational certificates and (later on) degrees, by working with institutions to improve student progression, build skills, generate employment, create jobs, and stimulate innovative projects.

To achieve its objectives, the institute runs the following programmes, centres and incidental courses geared towards the attainment of its vision:


Inspiring and motivating the Youths for personal and community development.


The institute aim to contribute to addressing the challenges facing 21st century in the West African sub-region, particularly Nigeria by contributing to the achievement of the SDGs such as SDGs 1, 2, 3,4,5, 16 & 17.

MOTTO: Develop your Ideas

To acheive its objectives, the institute runs the foolowing programmes, centers and incidental courses geared the attainment of its.

  1. IDEAS Schools (Secondary, Primary and Nursery).
  2. School of Entrepreneurialship (Fashion Design & Knitting, Fish Farming, Carpentry, Telecoms, Automobile repairs, Business Management and Enterprises)
  3. School of Peace & Human Rights Education (Peace & Human Rights Education, Civic- Education and Developmental studies).
  4. Agric-Services ( ICT on Climate Change, Livestock, Greenhouse, processing etc)
  5. REBB Community Multi-Purpose Cooperative Society (Financial management, Sale of goods and services, Loans and savings Scheme)
  6. Events Hall (Seminars, Conferences, Chapel, Examinations, Weddings)

The Institute Incorporated with Corporate Affairs Commission With the Status with the status of Company Limited by Guarantee LTD/GTE No. RC1593584 runs the following programmes