INTERCEP focuses on four Programme Areas:

Protection and Promotion of Human Rights
Poverty Reduction
Conflict Management and Peace Building
Good Governance

The promotion and protection of Human Rights of citizens is the focus of all civilized societies. This enhances the core values of freedoms, liberties and Human dignity . INTERCEP therefore engages in advocacy for the protection and Promotion of Human Rights. But then, basic Rights of the individual cannot be guaranteed in an atmosphere of violent and destructive conflicts.Consequently INTERCEP builds the capacity of stakeholders to acquire skills in Conflict Management and Peace Building. INTERCEP also considers poverty as a dehumanator and violator that debases Human dignity through want, lack, exclusion and marginalization. Consequently INTERCEP embarks upon poverty eradication strategies such as Microcredit schemes, skill acquisition, education and counseling. However a good environment has to exist before all of the above will be attained. Therefore INTERCEP advocates for Good Governance at all levels. Consequently , INTERCEP’s mandate is a holistic approach to humanitarian services and human development.